Eye for detail, curious, perfectionist to a fault, individual, impassioned, direct.


Currently fulfilling my last year as a Fine Arts under-graduate in Malta, I am eager to continue embracing the labyrinth world of Fine Art. As a student, my job is to learn as much as I can and enjoy watching how my ideas translate across different mediums.
When it comes to art, I mostly appreciate thought-provoking subject matter, whether through painting, film, or any other medium used for more than its visceral effect. Through personal practice, I use art to engage with the world and make sense of – or simply to accentuate – what I see around me; yet sometimes, I find myself taking interest in the difficulty and discomfort this may come with. I am interested in misunderstandings, conflict, and contradictions riddled with themes of identity and embodiment.
I also care deeply about the world around me, and strive to put myself in the best possible position to give something back to it.
When not thinking about art, I am usually pushing my perceived boundaries; enjoying the simple things; appreciating the divinity of pizza; or giving excessive amounts of unwanted attention to my ginger cat.
I have taken up this blog in part because I do not want my thoughts to exist in a vacuum, and so this space is meant to try and get others to engage with them in as constructive a manner as possible. If you do enjoy my blog, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.