I have written about my ideas and developments in response to the theme Citizen of Nowhere, but that was in the pretty early stages of development. Until then I have continued to photograph, continued to create collages, and even made a booklet that reinforces the theme behind the artwork.

body of work
Prints from the series Concrete Landscapes

Along with the images in the above photo, I have gathered more work which has been discussed in some of my previous blogs to add to the collection in my booklet. Below is the series entitles Nowhere Snaps, which has also been subject of a previous blog post.

Body of Work 2
From the series entitled Nowhere Snaps

Considering my new affair with photography, I am very pleased with the results. One thing I have also learnt is that if you think a photograph you took looks nice, then you should probably print it – a good quality print of an image can make you like it that much more.

Handmade packaging for photographic prints

I am so happy with the results of this project in particular, and having to print so many photographs has made me appreciate new things about photography, paper, and of course, prints!

Book cover
Citizen of Nowhere booklet, 2017

Want more? You can find the rest of my images on my website, or additionally, on my Instagram.


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