Break of Colour


Untitled (people of colour), 2017, oil on canvas.

I have found myself taking painting breaks by starting other paintings. The image above is a detail from one of these painting-break paintings, and was executed in relation to the theme I have been blogging about: Citizen of Nowhere. This time, the idea is very simple; I began to search for portraits of individuals from different races on the web, looking to paint them in colourful hues so as to disguise their nationality by interpreting their skin colour. This way, they became my ‘people of colour’.

Although it might look like watercolour was used to create the painting, it was actually highly diluted oil paint. This is due to no particular reason other than having my oil paints handy (I was on break from an oil painting, after-all), but I enjoy the effect, and look forward to more experimentation in the future.



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