The Many Windows in Night Crawler (film)

In relation to my previous blog, I’ve uploaded a visual summary of Dan Gilroy’s Night Crawler. The video clip includes roughly every scene that utilizes or simply features a window (with the exception of the ending to the film).

Are there spoilers? Kind of – but if you haven’t already, do yourselves a favor and watch the film! It is a great film that raises interesting points about news and reality.

At the beginning of my second scholastic term, I wanted to create a collection of these visual summaries about the use of windows in film. Unfortunately, I have other things to attend to right now, but still think that it would be very interesting to gather a number of these summaries to compare and analyse the results – or simply stumble upon something (do you have some free time? make one!).

Well, I hope you will find this interesting, and may it go to show that it is not only I who gets excited about these little things. If this video does give you any ideas, please share your thoughts as a comment below, or hit me up on Instagram so that we could talk about it; I’d love to know that my blog has inspired ideas, observations, and even conversation  🙂

Stay tuned!




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